"Social Events"


Good for the heart in every respect...


Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher already knew: "It is not possible to do something big every day, but certainly something good." You also can take social responsibility and do something good during your business excursion: for example fight for your team for Euros at the Schwarzsee Trophy to support the "Wald am See" children's organisation in buying a new trampoline or construct a bridge together with us, plant some trees at Hahnenkamm or support us in realising some benches along the hiking trails to give hikers a rest.

"Corporate social responsibility" can perfectly come true in the Kitzbühel tourism region. Here too, people are in need of help: we know exactly who needs help when and where, and with your physical effort you can do something good for your heart!


  • Taking responsibility together
  • Social & Charity Events
  • The joy of doing something good will always be in your mind