Flipper-Museum Kitzbühel

Jukeboxes, old gramophones & a total of 75 pinball machines

The oldest pinball machine is from 1961, made from wood; there is a variety of 75 different pinball machines in the cellar of the museum. You can also admire a few old jukeboxes – „Rock Ola“ and others -, old LPs and even listen to a wind-up gramophone with old shellacs.

Christoph Steinbach has restored the old pieces and made them ready to be used again. You can play them for as long as you like and indulge in reminiscences. There are furthermore two old pianos ready for use, and for your exclusive company event “Boogie-Wolf” Christoph Steinbach will play some tunes for you..


  • a total of 75 pinball machines
  • a stroll down memory lane
  • listen to music on old jukeboxes