Water, earth, air... these are our 3 elements - regardless of their aggregate state.
(Half) frozen water for example we prefer white and flaky in the form of cool snow crystals...

We are – a rather "different" Ski School, which stands for the extraordinary, flexibility, year-long experience, the best service and sustainability - and: for the basic joy in what we do... We are – national and international, highly qualified and passionate snow sport professionals: we know every cross on the mountain, every summit, and every secluded place in and around Kitzbühel like the back of our hands, and the slopes are our home. Be it snowplough, carving, freestyle or ski tours, freeride, on a snowboard or with cross-country skis...

We have the swing, and we love to leave our traces - in more ways than one. Since: only the icy temperatures in winter will leave us (and you) indifferent - promised!

Yours, Manfred Hofer (Ski School Manager
& the 150 snow sports professionals of the element3 team