Becky & Fabian - The mountain couple

35 000 spectators, some breathtaking fireworks, a stunning ski show, a perfect night on the foot of the mythical Hahnenkamm - Fabian kneels down and proposes to Becky. The start of a sugar sweet marriage.

Talking of sugar sweet however, there is one essential problem they have to face in their marriage: Becky, who’s English, loves her cup of tea, „with milk, sugar and biscuits to dunk in“. Fabian prefers Hot Chocolate. The struggle is real on the beverage front, but excluding this ongoing,  cosy afternoon dispute they live a perfect mountain couple life. For years now they have worked for element3, running the element3 Kitziland (Kinderland) with the simple goal of making kids smile and enjoy skiing. Their passion for skiing, their love for Kitzbühel, their friendly smiles are an important part of the ski school.

Can you remember your first time skiing? 

Becky: (Laughs) Yeah! It was in Bulgaria and I was about 10. In the beginning I wasn’t happy at all. My instructor was annoyed at me because I couldn’t stop. After lunch I was demoted to a lower group. The new instructor was great. By the end of the end of the day I could snowplow and stop, so I got the ski bug! 

Fabian: Oh very vaguely.I was 3 years old and I never wanted to make turns. Still up to now I love the speed.

How did you end up in Kitzbühel? 

Becky: Basically I'd had enough of teaching Geography in a high school, and I loved skiing. My instructor from my two holidays in Kitzbühel said I was good enough to be an instructor myself! So, during the school summer holidays I was in Saas Fee in Switzerland for 5 weeks, where I passed my PSIA (Professional Ski Instructor of America). I decided to come to Kitzbühel, as I loved it so much on holidays. They didn't accept the PSIA, so I did the Anwärter, and I haven't looked back since!

Fabian: Due to the fact that I always was in Kitzbühel it was easy to end up here.

If you would not be working for a ski school, what would you be doing at this point of your life?

Becky: Teaching Geography, I guess. If not probably something environmental based. 

Fabian: Difficult to say, but it I reckon something with sports

How did you get to know each other? 

Becky: Well, I had arrived to do my Anwärter. A few days later I went for a drink to La Fonda (now Glockenspiel), where I met Fabian. We got talking for a while, and I went to the toilet and left my phone on the bar. When I got back Fabian told me he had looked after my phone for me (cute). So, Fabian gave me his number in case I had questions about the ski school or ski instructing (he was also a ski instructor. So that night I texted Fabian and suggested meeting for a drink the following evening.The rest is history! We have now been married over 8 years!

Which 3 places should every person that visits Kitzbühel go to?

Becky: Schwarzsee ( Summer and Winter). It's a lovely lake with easy walks and beautiful scenery. Franz Coffee and Lifestyle shop! Great place for brunch, lunch, coffee etc with shopping for sportswear in a relaxed atmosphere! For the golfers, Eichenheim is a great, but challenging, course. It has stunning scenery.

Fabian: Well Element 3 of course, because the variety of things you can do is very large.The museum, if you want to get a bit of information about the history about Kitzbühel and the sports here.Did you know that there used to be a bobsleigh track? Would be a surprise, if I would not mention my favourite pub - the O'Flannigans. Great bar staff and a nice place to chat with the locals

Your favorite slope?

Becky: I always loved Brunn that ends at Ski Rast. It's always one of the quieter slopes, and a nice long ski run.

Fabian: Giggling and Brunn 

Your favorite Austrian food?

Becky: (laughs) without a doubt Käsespätzle, it's my guilty pleasure!

Fabian: Hm, there is so much choice. Probably Spinat Spätzle

Your favorite restaurant on the mountain and what do you like to eat there?

Becky: Kitzalm, at the bottom of Pengelstein 1 Gondola. I love the burgers there! But for closer restaurants Ochsalm and Schialm are also great! Too many great restaurants to choose from!

Fabian: Berghaus Tyrol - Food is great and Kurt is so funny. I would eat Spinat Spätzle of course!

Tea or Hot Chocolate?

Fabian: I know Becky's answer - but for me hot chocolate

Becky: Well because I'm English it has to be tea...with milk...and sugar! (laughs) And biscuits to dunk in!

What is the best part of working for the ski school?

Becky: Definitely the satisfaction of seeing how the guests progress in skiing, and all the great colleagues and friends you meet.

Fabian: Great Team and to see how satisfied the guests are after their course. A big smile and a thank you is worth more than a tip to me.

One tip you would give parents to make their kids enjoy skiing?

Becky:  Don't force the kids. Let them enjoy first. If they are tired then try again the next day so that they aren't put off skiing!!! Fun First!!

Fabian: Try not to be overambitious with them Kids learn so quick, as long they enjoy it. Snow must be associated with fun.

Powder or groomed slopes?

Becky: For me groomed slopes.I tend to wipe out or face plant on powder!(laughs)

Fabian: Speed I mentioned before. So GROOMED. 

What would your perfect day on the mountain look like?

Becky: Every day is a perfect day with Fabian! Any slopes, any restaurant, any weather! Fabian would make every day perfect. 

Fabian: Just with my wife, sunshine, around minus -3°C. Kitzbühel has so many great slopes to decide as we flow.Have a rest on the terrace of Berghaus Tyrol or Bärenbadalm.

Sunshine or Snowfall?

Becky + Fabian: Both! We need snowfall for skiing, but there's nothing better than skiing after a dump of snow on a bluebird day!

Your favorite memory of working for the ski school?

Becky: Wow that's a difficult question! So many great memories! Probably my first guests at Element3. They were 3 English kids, living in Abu Dhabi! We had a great few days on Kitzbüheler Horn, and I felt soooo happy from that moment on working for the ski school!

Fabian: There are too many to tell. But if you ask me I would say, when I was skiing with the entourage of a royal family. Diplomats, Test Pilots and bodyguards. When the prince (now King) fell over in the lift station. What happened then, was that everyone through themselves on the ground, because no one is allowed to be higher than the prince.

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