Becky, the multitalented

Yes, it is a bit overwhelming trying to list all of the talents Becky got, but here is an interview

She sings, she climbs, she plays the piano, she draws beautiful art-pieces, she teaches disadvantaged people how to ski, she loves the mountains, she works as an assistant wakeboard-coach, she takes stunning photographs. Oh and did we mention that she is an excellent skier too? She started skiing at the age of 16 and is a Landesskilehrer already. Yes, it is a bit overwhelming trying to list all of the talents Becky got, but here is an interview of her. Maybe it helps: 

Tell us about your first day as a skiinstructor

I remember my first day of ski instructing very well! I was extremely nervous. I was told that I would be teaching a family from England, so this helped to settle my nerves a bit! I met the family at the top of the lift station and began the lesson, and to my surprise, my nerves were gone and I realised that I had been worrying unnecessarily! When the lesson had finished, I made my way home with a huge smile on my face, feeling like the luckiest person alive! What more could I want!  

How come you ended up with element3 in Kitzbühel?

I was first introduced to element 3 by a friend whilst working at an indoor ski slope in England! I did some research into doing a season with them and within a month I had already booked my Anwärter training with the academy. 

Why did you decide to be an instructor?

I have always loved the outdoors and in particular, skiing. So I figured, why be stuck inside doing something that I have no passion for when I can be spending every day in the fresh mountain air doing something that I love!  

What would you be doing if you weren’t a skiinstructor?

If I wasn't teaching skiing right now I would either be at university studying veterinary or I would be coaching climbing in the UK. 

Your first time skiing?

I first started skiing at age 16 on a school ski trip to Italy. It was then that I fell in love with every aspect of the sport! The people, the outdoors, the beautiful scenery and the thrill of going fast. 

What did you do in summer?

In the summer I was working for a charity that taught disabled and disadvantaged people how to ski. I was also working at a wakeboarding centre where I was working as an assistant coach. 


My hobbies include playing piano, art, reading, climbing, surfing, singing, hiking, swimming and photography.

Does Kitzbühel and your job as a skiinstructorr give you inspiration for your art? 

In fact I found being in Kitzbühel gave me a lot of inspiration for my art. I often go walking with my drawing pad and pencil and just sit and draw for hours.  

Favourite restaurant on the mountain?

My favourite restaurant is definitely Sonnenrast! I love it here because it is such a relaxed place to go to and all of the staff members are so warm and welcoming.  

Favourite area to ski?

Pass Thurn! 

Most interesting guest you taught? 

My most interesting guest was a Saudi Arabian princess who I skied with for 10 days.  

Powder or groomed slope?

It depends what sort of mood I'm in, but if I wanted to challenge myself then I would chose powder because I know that’s where I'm slightly weaker!  

Snowfall or sunshine?

Snowfall! I love the excitement of being in windy and snowy conditions. It just adds another element of thrill!  

Hot chocolate or beer?

Hot chocolate always!  

Your favourite german food?

My favourite german word is Sehenswürdigkeiten.  

Name a thing you find weird about Austria.

I find it funny how many words austrians have for hello!  

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

In 10 years, I would love to have the chance to work towards my Staatliche exam. Although it seems impossible, I am a strong believer and I think that you can do anything you put your mind to! Either that, or I'll just be a crazy dog lady!   

Describe your perfect day on the mountain.

My perfect day on the mountain would involve lots of fresh snow, good company, and most of all lots of skiing!

Summer or winter?

Winter! I'm in love with the fresh, crisp winter air and the snow covered trees. 

Three advices you would give someone who wants to learn how to ski?

  1. relax 
  2. Do the opposite of what your mind tells you to do 
  3. always smile! 

What do you love most about skiinstructing?

I love making people happy! I love to see people improve but a smile at the end of the lesson is the most important thing for me. I believe that the meaning of life is to find happiness and this is what I'm on the quest to find! Skiing is a huge part of my life and is something that I will never tire of!  

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