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How do I become a ski instructor? Our guide to an extraordinary skiing season

We all have that one friend, who has been working as a ski instructor for years and constantly posts pictures of fresh pow, good parties and breathtaking sunrises on the mountain. Admit it…you thought about doing the same. Whilst it appears to be pretty complicated, first the courses, buying the gear then actually getting a damn job in a resort you like!


We are here to tell you it’s not..and here’s how you can do it.


Are you suitable to be a ski-instructor?

Guess what? You don’t have to be a world champion skier. You just need to be comfortable on black slopes and master basic skiing technique. But most importantly look good doing it!
But be aware: A good ski-instructor doesn’t just perfectly carve every turn. Ski-instructing is about social skills, being confident in front of groups and taking responsibility.

Minimum age: 16 years

Required skiing skills: You can master short and long turns red and black slopes are no problem for you 

Further skills: You are open and confident. You have good organizational skills. You don’t shy away from responsibility.


What sort of equipment will you need? 

When working for e3, we will provide you with a full uniform for the season when teaching. Including ski-trousers, ski jacket and soft shell. You also receive a e3 custom helmet, an e3 backpack and first-aid-kid. 

What do you need to buy/organize yourself?



Ski Boots 



Ski socks 

Ski jacket and trousers (for free skiing outside of teaching)

Thermals - it can get cold..really cold.

Haven’t got your own stuff yet? No problem! In our e3 Sportshops, you will find everything you need and you will even get a ski instructor.

Which ski/ski boot is right for you?

For instructing you should use skis and boots that you feel comfortable in. We recommend you use a piste/all mountain ski, your ski be no taller than eye level. Keep in mind we don’t need you race ready to compete in the olympic games. So no need to rock up with race skis on your first day.

No gaps allowed…

Forehead exposure is frowned upon in our community…so we have just one small but essential piece of advice when starting life as a ski-instructor. The smaller the gap between your helmet and your googles the better…trust us…it just is…The daily recommended punters/gorby/(instead other derogatory term here) gap allowance amongst ski instructors is 0mm…


How do I actually become a licensed ski instructor? 

The first step is to be honest with yourself, are you a good enough skier and teacher? The answer for most of us is probably no. This means investing in yourself and improving your skiing and teaching skills before heading off to the Anwärter exam. 

The e3 Family includes the e3 Ski Academy for this very reason. The team over at e3 Ski Academy offer exam preparation courses on the Hintertux Glacier. They are designed to take you from a recreational skier, to someone who is ready to take their exam with confidence and once qualified we’ll guaranteed you a job in our Ski School…. You’ll be shredding the powder and making your friends jealous with insta pics in no time!!!

If you fulfill the requirements (you want to spend the winter on the slopes!), then you can register with e3 Ski Academy to take part in one of their epic courses at www.e3-skiacademy.com.

The „Anwärter“-Kurs might sound like an old town in East-Germany, but with out it you will not be able to teach guests on the mountain. 

The Austrian ski instructor system is split into three levels. Following the Anwärter, the next level is „Landesskilehrer“ and the third is called „Staatlicher Skilehrer“.
There are several opportunities and dates to take the Anwärter-course. Different ski instructor unions throughout Austria offer courses. The Anwärter takes about 9 days. 

When taking the course organizers usually offer packages including accommodation and ski pass. Alternatively, you can train with the e3 Ski Academy, and head to the Anwärter exam knowing they've taken care of everything.

Here are three of the Anwärter-courses the Tiroler Skiverband offers.

1st course: 3rd - 13th November, 2018 in Mandarfen, Austria 


2nd course: 18th - 29th November, 2018 in Kaprun, Austria


3rd course: 07th - 16th December, 2018 in Kitzbühel, Austria 


All inclusive Packages cost around 1.500 Euros.

How do you pass the Anwärter? 

An average day on the course consists of skiing during the day and theory lectures in the evening. 
The exams take place on the final two days. The qualification consists of 3 sections. Theory, Practical (Skiing Technique) and a Teaching assessment.

Theory: You will take a written test answering questions on topics you have been taught in the lectures beforehand. Most of the Anwärter courses are in German but you will be able to find International ones that you can take in English.

Practical: Here you will be assessed on your skiing technique, that you will have learnt over the previous days.
Teaching Assessment: You will teach a test run of a „skiing lesson where the other participants in your group will act as your guests, this can take anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes.

How can you get in touch with us?

Click here, to find our online-form to apply as a ski instructor. We look forward to hearing from you. 

How do you organize an accommodation for the season? 

You don’t, unless you want to…We will provide you with ski-instructor accommodation in Kitzbühel. You will share an apartment or house with your colleagues and fellow seasonaires.

How long is one season and do you have to stay the entire winter? 

Our ski school is open for business starting December ending in April. The busiest times are over the Christmas holidays, February as well as Easter. 
The job is also great for students who can’t stay the entire winter and work during time off from studying.

Do you have to buy the ski ticket? 

No, you will get a season-pass from us. 

Who will you teach as an Anwärter? 

We offer private lessons, adult groups and small kids-groups no larger than 6.
In your first season as an Anwärter, you will teach mostly beginner to intermediate leveled skiers.
Take your first step and get the coolest job in the entire world, above the clouds, in the middle of a winter-wonderland, surrounded by people from all around the world, who all have one thing in common: the passion for winter and skiing. Follow this link to apply now.