We are a large crowd (almost 100) of sports and adventure-loving outdoor junkies who have made their passion their profession. As representatives of the team, the managers would like to introduce themselves:

Manfred Hofer

I was probably born with skis on my feet, and I definitely grew up with skis. This sport means everything to me, and inspired me to open up the element3 Ski School. I am a state-certified ski instructor and guide, but I also love swimming, am a tandem pilot, participate at bike races, I love mountaineering and I am a creative craftsman.

Mag. Isabella Kortschak

I am so fascinated by tourism and business management, that I even studied it from a scientific perspective. After finishing my studies in Economics, I strive for more and conquer one peak after the other, preferably with the mountain-bike or touring skis. I love showing guests my homeland and finding new trends. I am also a passionate rucksack fan and carry all the organisational stuff around with me: from site inspection to the farewell kiss.

Simone Hofer

I love hiking: even from the southern part to the northern part of Tyrol. And: I love to talk in pictures. Maybe because I am a certified communications specialist and a graphic designer. Maybe also because it sounds better to have books than to keep books. I am also the "jack of all trades" and "the other half" of the boss - the better half of course ;-).