Kitzbühel: Let's follow history at every turn

For those among you who are interested in learning about the history and special charm of Kitzbühel, we have the perfect tour for you. Our local guide will pick you up from your hotel in a horse-drawn carriage and bring you to the town centre. First you will be taken for a walk through the historical old town, where you will hear stories and history about the town and its celebrities. The city tour ends at a wine bar right in the town centre, where you will be offered a wine tasting. The owner is an Austrian and international sommelier who will provide you with some great stories about the vine and the town.

Swarovski crystal world: Twinkle twinkle little start

At only 40 minutes from Kitzbühel by car, you can dive into another world that makes your eyes sparkle...
For Swarovski Crystal Worlds, the multimedia artist André Heller designed 14 underground Chambers of Wonder dedicated to the versatile artistic interpretation of the crystal material. The result is a universe of discoveries and a simply unique experience with every visit.

Kufstein and it's highlights: Let's discover the fortress town

It’s an idyllic little town surrounded by meadows, forests and lakes, with the mighty “Kaiser Gebirge” massif towering behind it...
Kufstein owes its special charm and beauty to its most important landmark, the centuries old fortress, which, with its history and culture, creates a stunning contrast to the pristine nature around it.

Salzburg city tour: The heart of Austria

The city of Salzburg has many different fa- cets for you to discover. Those of you who would like to fully immerge into the city life with all its historical, cultural, political and humoristic features, has lots of opportuni- ties to do so during this individual city tour. If you enjoy taking on a totally new perspec- tive, listening to fascinating stories, hearing some little anecdotes at historical sites and getting to know famous figures unknown to you as of yet, you will love this tour.





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