On the organic farm

Bichlach trophy

Enjoy the beauty of pristine nature with the occasional long-standing local farm house; each of which has its own history to tell...- this is the real Kitzbühel, and we would like to show it to you.

Come with us and visit the Haas family at their farmhouse “Vordererb”, which is idyllically situated on the crest of a hill in the wonderful “Bichlach”. Organic farmer Hans will then give us a tour of his farm, including a tasting of his homemade yoghurt, milk and honey.

Afterwards, we will prepare a few activities for you to choose from:

  • „Moosbeernocken“ cooking course
  • Schnapps tasting
  • Glockenspiel
  • Traditional „Schuhplattler“ dance
  • Cow milking
  • „Hit the Nail“ Game
  • Rubber boot throwing competition
  • Pruning a tree
  • Beer mug pushing
  • Wheelbarrow rally etc...


Afterwards the winners will be celebrated!



  • Traditional games
  • Visiting a real Kitzbühel local
  • A real experience