Practice makes perfect...

Fresh mountain air, lakes to bathe in, lush green fields and a view of the Wilder Kaiser mountain range. Get back in tune with your body. Our trainers adjust the trainings to the respective level and you can enjoy the day to the fullest and free the head.


Runnign is a famous national pastime. Those who run regularly keep themselves fit and give not only their body but also their soul a treat. discover your full potential with the help of our trainers.

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a form of endurance training that is gentle on the joints. The fast paced walk is supported by the use of hiking poles, in sync with your walking rhythm. Our trainers will take you on the most beautiful tours.

Back training

Specific exercises will help relax the problematic areas and furthermore enhance your felxibility. At the same time you strengthen your muscles, stimulate blookd circulation and metabolism, while Relaxing your mind.

Swim training

Anyone can learn how to do a front crawl - easily, playfully and in a simple way! Our trainer has years of experience in teaching beginners and in Coaching advances swimmers alike.


In this Yin Yang yoga calss you can feel the balanced influence, on the one hand you practise calm, internally focussed poses that you will have to hold for a Stretch of time and on the other hand you fullfil dynamic, hear producing and activating yoga exercises. 


  • relax in nature
  • find your inner self
  • train based on your level