Farm life on the Seidlalm 

Everything about the life of a farmer...

The Seidlalm is one of the last quaint and traditional alpine pasture, steepd in history, and the cow, pigs, goats, horses, chicken and rabbits will be happy about your visit.

The following activities are to be mastered by the teams:

  • bread baking, butter beating, jam bottling
  • riffling blueberries and cooking „Nocken“ (small shapeless dumplings) - depending on season
  • Schwendten (clearing the forest) and a farm quiz
  • farm animal care (collecting and washing eggs, pig feeding, cleaning the stables and farm yard)
  • Tasting of local schnapps
  • Another part of the programm is a short hike with mini Shetland ponies and the donkeys Luna and Bernie up to the beautiful Seidlalm lake. 

Lunch or dinner with local products on the Seidlalm.




  • Local and sustainable
  • Tradition und custom
  • Pure indulgence