Burnout prevention & stress management

A burning topic

Stress: everybody knows what it is - yet many can't handle it. In our workshop we will assess myths and dangerous superficial knowledge on the topics of stress and burnout, and question these topics from the point of view of psychology and neurosciences. Mag. Michael Pirchl, Ph.D introduces his newest findings in an easy to understand way and teaches proven techniques for stress prevention and stress management. Time management, work-life balance and active relaxation are only a few core topics of the workshop. We do not meet in the seminar room of a hotel, but amidst nature, on a mountain summit or in a hay barn...

... combined with our team and outdoor activities, this workshop is an ideal package for all group sizes.


  • "Take a break"!
  • "It's not as bad as you think"!
  • In the workshop you will learn what really helps.