Motivational Fire Walking Workshop

We are "on fire"

On this adventurous day we will not talk without saying anything and we will not try to find ineffective theses. On this day it will all be about doing it! It's about all or nothing. It's about you.

Our certified fire coach Wolfgang Eder, has researched and probed for a long time in order to create this special seminar: in contrast to the so-called "Tschjakaaa fire walks", which are done with the other participants shouting and clapping, he focuses on your own decision; he wants you to walk over the fire with fun, joy and a deep feeling for your own willpower.

With his hearty character and plenty of fun, Wolfgang Egger will unveil your unknown potential. You'll receive dozens of valuable impulses and learn directly from the motivation expert how to motivate yourself and your team in the long term, how to get brave and show inner strength and build more self-confidence.


  • Together we manage to do the incredible
  • Definitely a lasting memory
  • No prior experience required