Workshop: MOVE & Train your mind 

"If you‘re doing what you love, you‘ll never have to work again!“

Movement is live. Moving and exercising reduces stress hormons. Exercise boosts your cognitive performance. Movement is the power of development and learning. Let‘s move something together! In day-to-day life, in your company, on holiday,...

A nice little meadow, a few blankets, fresh air and clean water will await us there. A bit of forest, a fire place... on this special spot of land the clocks tick slowlier... In the following 1,5 hours a trained life coach will give the guests an understanding of the so important topic „work-life-balance“! The participants will experience an exciting training for body, mind and soul.

Afterwards: „GENIALITY-WORKOUT“. Good mood is guaranteed, because sport makes you happy!




  • Live – Love - Laugh
  • Green seminar room „Schwarzsee – a natural treasure“
  • Start into the day with energy and motivation